A compilation of all suggestions made by users that may or may not be implemented in future versions. I’ll add any new suggestion as they arise.

Note: TODO entries are things that I already had plans for before a suggestion was made.

Suggestion URL
InGame Info XML
Advanced Time Mod integration
Note: not possible at the moment
allow players to set the seed manually (SMP) MCF
Monster Spawn Highlighter
Mo’ Creatures integration MCF
allow players to set the seed manually (SMP) MCF
replace block A with block B in a schematic MCF
items remaining on the material list MCF
relative schematic offset to the player (WE like “move here”) MCF
a better version of the printer TODO
make certain buttons on the GUI more clear (ie: enable/disable printer) TODO
tweak certain buttons/input for easier manipulation (+/- buttons, numbers) TODO
flowing fluids should not count towards buckets TODO
display NBT data of tile entities TODO
partially added in build 99


Suggestion Minecraft Build
InGame Info XML
serverip tag 1.7.2 38
closestplayer tag 1.7.2 40
direction tag 1.7.2 40
chunkx, chunky, … tags 1.7.2 40
reload offsets on /igi reload 1.7.2 44
hide overlay when holding TAB 1.7.2 44
ping tag 1.7.2 48
configurable schematic folder 1.7.2 70
pick block from schematic (middle click) 1.7.10 87
changing the opacity of schematics (solid blocks are not transparent) 1.7.10 93