Monster Spawn Highlighter


It does exactly what it says on the tin. It shows the player where specific monsters are able to spawn.


You may select which monsters you want to check directly in Minecraft, default hotkey for the configuration screen is L. Additionally you may want to tweak a few other setting, which can be found inside the config/MonsterSpawnHighlighter.cfg file.

Configuration GUI

The file contains the following properties:

  • colors (day, night, both) - each color is configured separately
  • guideLength - the length of the line in blocks (Guide mode)
  • renderRangeXZ - the range around the player where monster spawns are checked
  • renderRangeYAbove - the range above the player where monster spawns are checked (values above 1 are not suggested as they won’t be visible to the player under normal circumstances)
  • renderRangeYBellow - the range bellow the player where monster spawns are checked
  • updateRate - the frequency rate at which the mod checks for spawnable blocks (higher values cause less lag but things won’t be smooth)