Frequently Asked Questions


Help! Minecraft crashes!

Please check out this page to help you assist reporting any crashes.

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.getMinecraft()Lnet/minecraft/client/Minecraft

You didn’t install LunatriusCore or you installed the wrong file (get the one WITHOUT -deobf or -src).


When will you update for X.Y.Z?

Some updates are not as easy as others. The most notable updates where a huge delay occurred were 1.3 and 1.7. Just be patient and wait, you’ll just put extra pressure on me by asking for updates, delaying them unintentionally.

Why does XYZ not work?

There are several reasons why things don’t work, load or show up. If Minecraft Forge does not have a recommended version for the Minecraft version you’re trying to use you might have to try the latest version. If the latest version does not work check out the threads on Minecraft Forum, there may be information in recent posts about working/suggested Forge versions. If nothing helps, submit a crash/bug report.

Can you back-port the X feature to Y for version X.Y.Z?

I will only do it under certain conditions. These conditions are:

  • one version back (example: 1.7 => 1.6)
    • bug fixes
    • features if they require little effort to get it working
  • two versions back (example: 1.7 => 1.5)
    • critical bug fixes
    • features if they require little effort to get it working AND the codebase didn’t change a lot
  • three or more versions back (example: 1.7 => 1.4 or earlier)
    • don’t bother asking - you have to understand that I work on the current version of Minecraft and I’m trying to make things better; the mod is open source, if you know some coding you might be able to back-port fixes yourself (or try asking a friend that knows some coding)


Where can I find/share schematics?

The only website that I know of is, but there might be other websites. Feel free to notify me and I’ll add them.